TJ Singleton

Software Engineer, Baptist Preacher

The Choreography of a Christian Character: 2 Peter 1:3-14

2 Peter 1:3-14


I’m glad to report to you, I have nothing new to tell you. I am not here trying to tell you something no one has ever heard. No, I am here to repeat what has been said over and over. It is the same old truth that has been preached down through the ages. I’m not here preaching my own thoughts either, simply what thus saith the Word of God. In our text Peter advises us that it is good to be reminded of some things, and that is exactly what he does. He even tells us that these are things we already know. Why is it then that he reminds us of these things? Why are these things important? To understand this, let us first look at:

The Purpose Why It Is Reminded (12-14)

  1. His Duty (12) “I will be not negligent”
  2. His Desire (13) “to stir you up”
  3. His Death (14) “Knowing that shortly I must put off this my tabernacle”

Now that understand his purpose for reminding us, what is it exactly that he is reminding us of? He reminds us of:

The Prerequisites That Is Revealed (3-7)

  1. Our Ground is our Faith (3-4) :
  2. Our Graces is it’s Fruit (5-7)
  1. Virtue (5)
  2. Knowledge (5)
  3. Temperance (6)
  4. Patience (6)
  5. Godliness (6)
  6. Brotherly Kindness (7)
  7. Charity (7)

Not only does Peter make known his Purpose in Reminding, and the Prerequisites that are Revealed, he shows us:

The Produce That Will Result (8-11)

  1. Fruitfulness Described (8)
  2. Forgetfulness Depicted (9)
  3. Faithfulness Demanded (10)
  4. Fullness Destined (11)


In view of the fruit that will result and his purpose in reminding, let us strive to realize and perform the prerequisite that are required.