TJ Singleton

Software Engineer, Baptist Preacher

Driving to Work With God

This morning as I drove to work like any other day, I started to sense the overwhelming presence of God in the car with me. I removed the items in the passenger seat and asked the Lord to stay awhile. You may be thinking that I am crazy, but that is ok. The time of fellowship I had with God and the joy that flooded my soul is hard to beat.

While the tears rolled down my face the phone rung. I was tempted not even to answer it as I didn’t what it to interfere with the time of fellowship with God. I did though, and it was my wife. She was concerned due to the sound of my voice. I was torn up and could hardly talk. I managed to get out, “God is riding with me to work… I gotta go.”

Such times of fellowship with the Lord are like water to a weary soul. Such fellowship with God also causes me to desire to know Him more no matter the cost. Such fellowship makes me long for the day I can spend eternity worshiping Him in His presence.