TJ Singleton

Software Engineer, Baptist Preacher

The Value of Clarity in Preaching

An idea that is hopefully accurate to the text, fairly succinct, somewhat memorable, or perhaps just plain clear.  These are the sermons that gradually transform lives.

Peter Mead

Often times during revivals, bible conferences, camp meetings, and the like we are exposed to preaching that is of the highest of caliber. Just today I had the privilege of hearing 6 messages that were exceptional. While these messages were amazing, as I read Peter’s words tonight on preaching I am reminded of the immense value of “just plain clear” preaching.

“Campmeeting Preaching” may stir our souls. It may lead us to deeper understanding of God’s word. It is plain preaching that provides the foundation. Preaching the meat and potatoes of the word of God is fundamental and needed. Peter’s admonition to preach accurate and simple is one we preachers should heed.

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