TJ Singleton

Software Engineer, Baptist Preacher

Jacob's Pattern: Genesis 35:1-5

Genesis 35:1-5


Tonight I charge you sir, you madam to “Put away the strange God’s that are among you, and be clean, and change your garments.”

This is where I want to get to tonight, but for the sake of those who are not familiar with the life of Jacob, let me recap his life and let’s look at what brought him to this point, and caused him to say this. (Genesis 25:19-32)

Jacob’s Pattern Set

32-33 Jacob twice experience’s God, yet fail to live the victory, stops living by faith and living in fear. Stops living in the What God Said, and started living in What He could Scheme.

33:17: Calling Sin sojourning.

Jacob’s Pattern Spread

When we live a live of sin…

  1. We bring the judgment of God in our lives.
    34:1: Dinah — Judgment – Why was she in the world
  2. We teach our children to follow our ungodly example
    Simeon and Levi — where did they learn to scheme
  3. We blaspheme the name of Christ

We are the only Bible some people may ever read and the only Christian some people may ever know. (Story about the waiter! SALT AND LIGHT!)

We lost the fear of God! If we have lost it, then why should a pagan world have it?

Jacob’s Pattern Severed

God brought Jacob to a point of brokenness, and spoke unto him. Aren’t you glad when God guides you!

Gen 35:2

  1. Put away the strange gods — We need to rid ourselves of idols and false God’s of this world, we need to honor God first. Be it with our Time, Tithe, or Talents.
  2. Be clean — We need be Holy and Pure and Right, and be like Christ. We need to be humble and meek, and longsuffering
  3. Change you Garments — We need to live as salt and light and exhibit all the fruit of the spirit, when need to live blameless and above reproach.

Gen 35:5 and the Fear of God returned!