TJ Singleton

Software Engineer, Baptist Preacher

Chicken and Okra Gumbo

First off, I love Fatz chicken gumbo. When I picked this recipe, that’s what I was hoping to end up with. While this isn’t quite as good, I did enjoy it.

I used box stock. I think this actually made it have too strong a chicken flavor. It came out thicker than I expected. I had cooked it to eat for lunch throughout the week and had I to add some liquid to each bowl to cut it a bit.

Em had suggested using a rotisserie chicken from Publix. This made it easier and the chicken tasted great. I thinly sliced some of the crispy skin for an attractive topper.

The recipe said you can use frozen okra, but don’t. Publix didn’t have any fresh in stock so I tried it. It just doesn’t hold up and breaks down too much. The okra is one of my favorite parts. I love popping the seeds against the roof of my mouth.

I’m going to pick up a pint of gumbo next time I’m at Fatz and see if I can’t get closer. I’ll keep you posted.

Chicken and Okra Gumbo