TJ Singleton

Software Engineer, Baptist Preacher

Blue Lights of Heaven

In North Carolina with some friend we were stopped by a police officer for speeding. I wasn’t driving, we were in the back seat singing praises to Christ. So we found it ironic we got pulled over. We’ll I was feeling mighty a bit preachy and I spouted off about what I ought to tell that cop. It started something like this…. “One day officer the blue lights of heaven are gonna chase you down, and you be arrested by the Law of God and it’s officer the Holy Spirit……”, so I wrote a song about the Blue Lights of Heaven.

Blue Lights of Heaven

Verse One:

One day while driving a little too fast,
Behind me police lights flashed,
Then sitting there, God reminded me,
Of that sweet day he convicted me.

The Spirit comes to convict from sin,
Point you to the cross where new life begins.
It’s that sweet Spirit that gives godly fear,
O’ Holy Spirit, linger near.


Blue lights of heaven came after me,
Blue lights of heaven made me bow my knee,
By the law of God and the Spirit’s call,
I trusted Christ and surrendered all.

Verse Two:

Trusting in the Lord is the only way,
To reach that land of perfect day,
We must be born by the Holy Ghost,
It’s nothing we do, We cannot boast.

By God’s word souls are saved,
We praise Him for the grace He gave.
How one day He came to me,
And by God’s grace He set me free!