TJ Singleton

Software Engineer, Baptist Preacher

Come Quickly

I was driving to work one morning, when the Holy Ghost of God started to fill my heart with joy from pondering the day when Christ comes in the clouds to catch His church away, the blessed rapture of the church. I scribbled down some thoughts and wrote them out in song fashion.

Come Quickly


O’ Come Quickly, King Jesus,
O’ Come Quickly, Precious Lord.
O’ Come Quickly to catch your church away,
for we are looking for that resurrection day.

Verse One:

Well, the Church is watching the sky patiently,
Looking for that day from this ol’ world set free,
Gazing toward heaven listening for a shout
On that day the graves will open and the saints come out

Verse Two:

In just a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
Our body will be changed, we’ll be headed for the sky,
Where in the clouds, we’ll meet you face to face,
and begin to sing for eternity the praises of your Grace!

Verse 3:

Some people say, it’s all one big lie,
Why I believe in you, they can’t understand why,
But through the Spirit and your holy word,
My faith in you can never be deterred.